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Welcome to Salutary Shop!

In our web site we offer various medical and measuring devices and other goods, which has "salutary effect" for human and animals.

Modern life propose for most people furious pace and very big duties.. Human body is not destined for such big psychic overload. Productive activity of humans result in pollution of the environment and give additional negative effect for people health, especially in big towns.

Goods from this web site will help your body get the better of modern life overloads, protect your health and raise quality of life. You will have "home doctor" in pocket which will help you manage with various diseases, prevent theirs appearance and "forget" doctors and chemical drugs with their "side effects" and save money.

For example, Scenar devices. It is product of Russian space technology for astronauts.This biofeedback devices able to accelerate ability of human body to selftreatment, will correct "mistakes" which was caused by overload, will help cure serious diseases. For more information about Scenar and other devices, please, see catalog and articles.

All devices, which is proposing this web site, was tested and approved by FDA, EU committees or other government organizations and has governmental certification.

Also, all devices on this web site was tested in Salutary shop and their "salutary effect" was confirmed.

All goods has warranty from manufacturer. Returns and exchanges are accepted.

There are a lot of very useful items for health in stock. Not all of these in Salutary Shop website.

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