Main constituents of health

Life is a movement - physical and spiritual. In order to be completely healthy person, it is necessary to move actively, feed yourself rationally, breathe correctly, and, of course, improve yourself spiritually. Human organism of the person who leads an active, right way of life, is able to create biologically active substances in the sufficient amount which protect him from all diseases. At contact with outer environment (sport, dancing, swimming, running) skin receptors are influenced and they send pulses to all neuron structures; including spinal cord and brain, thus engaging all systems of life activity and life support. Due to engaging of all these systems, the human being gets maximum protection from unfavourable influences of the environment (viruses, infections, cold, stresses, physical overwork etc..). His own reserves are being stimulated, powerful outcome of inner biologically active substances takes place, and there is no more need in additional synthetic artificial drags.

Modern human being takes sedentary lifestyle. Consequences of hypodynamia, insufficient activity leads to detraining of all organs and systems. It means that it results in low degree of organism's protection, the organism is unable too create biologically active substances itself in the necessary amount, and it causes the whole spectrum of diseases.

Lypko's applicators on guard of health

The wonderful invention of Nickolay Grigoryevich Lyapko, reflex-physician, has become a unique compensator of hypodynamia and its consequences. As the modern person does not always have an opportunity to lead active way of life (to be engaged in sport, dancing etc.), to compensate and cope with deficiency of movement, the applicator will be of great help, it affects all skin receptors sending impulses to engage one's own inner doctor.»

Our organism is like a state which consists of number of organs and systems, functionally related to each other and which perform immediate protection of the organism from different unfavorable factors. Consequently, the health of the whole organism depends on the health of each cell. Applicator affects the number of different receptors and cells, bringing them to normal «life tone » and thus increasing the level of protection from harmful factors.

Needle reflex therapy history

According to philosophical basis of the oriental medicine, there are thousands of vitally active points on the body of the human being, which have logic interconnections between themselves and between the same groups of points in the inner organs. These points are called BAP (biologically active points). BAP is a small area of skin and under skin basis, in which there is a complex of interconnected microstructures, due to which, the biologically active area is created, the influence on this area facilitates the recovery of not only this area but different organs and systems as well. Biologically active points are situated in certain pattern, according to strict lines which are called «meridians». There exist 12 even and 2 odd meridians. Meridians ensure interaction and interconnection of different parts of organism, sustain harmonic balance between outer and inner ensuring integrity and health.

The essence of multi-needle therapy by Lyapko's applicators is to influence on the appropriate inner organs via definite biologically active points of the body (BAP). High healing effect of applicators is determined by the composition of intensive reflexive-mechanical, electrical and bio-chemical influences on the skin in the area of their application.

What is the Lyapko's applicator made of

Lyapko's applicators are represented in the form of elastic rubber plates and rolls in which the needles made of different metals are positioned: needles are made of zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver. The basis of needles is copper and iron. Some part of iron needles are nickel or zinc plated, some part of copper needles are silver plated. End of needle remains free without plating. There are limit ledges around needles and on the edges of applicators which increase their positioning and prevent the skin from being damaged.

Mechanisms of applicators' action

-   Reflexive - mechanical action - outer multiple needle acupuncture of the definite areas and biologically active points (reflex reaction), as well as micro massage of the skin and underneath tissues. Reflex action of needles on BAP consists of three interconnected parts: local, segmental and general reaction of the organism.

-   Galvanic - electric action - at contact with the skin on the surface of applicators' needles many physical-chemical changes take place which are peculiar to changes under the influence of direct current. In the result of it, the oxide layer is formed on needles and the galvanic effect appears. Electric micro currents appear in the skin on the ends of the multilayer needles as well as between needles which are made of different metals.


-   Humoral action - by means of microionphoresis the required metals are transferred into liquid organism's media (copper, zinc, nickel, iron, silver), that needles of applicator are made of. All these micro elements play important role in providing the proper functioning of organs and systems.

Indications for use of applicators

-   Diseases and damage of musculoskeletal system:

-   A) overstrain of neuromuscular system; b) myositis; c) myalgia; d) tendovaginitis; e) damage of joining function of vertebral column and joints of extremities; f) scoliosis; g) injuries, bone fractures, after operation conditions.

-   Diseases of nervous system:

-   A) recovery after cranio -cerebral injuries and strokes; b) neurological manifestations of vertebral column osteochondrosis; c) lumbago; d) neurotis; e) neuralgia; f) myasthenia; g) flabby and spastic paralyses ; h) hysteria, neurasthenia, insomnia; i) sexual neurosis; j) night enuresis; k) migraine; 1) Reyno disease; m) kids cerebral palsy.

-   Diseases of lungs and blood vessels:

-   A) hypertension; b) hypotonia; c) ischemia diseases (stenocardia, cardio sclerosis); d) varicose veins of lower extremities; e) piles.

-   Diseases of respiratory apparatus:

-   A) rhinitis; b) quinsy; c) laryngitis; d) bronchitis; e) pneumonia; f) bronchial asthma, including allergic origin.

-   Diseases of digestion organs:

-   A) gastritis; b) hypotonia of the stomach; c) ulcer and duodendal ulcer; d) dyskinesia of the stomach; e) colitis(constipation); f) dyskinesia of gall-bladder; g) cholecystalgia; h) pancreatitis.

-   Obsterics:

-   A) early toxicosis; b) hypo- and hyperlacty; c) maintenance of pregnancy; d) anesthetization and adjustment of labour activity, reabilitation in after birth period and after Cesarean section.

-   Female diseases:

-   A) abnormalities of ovarian menstrual cycle (menostasis, dysmenorhea); b) adnexitis; c) sterility; d) climacteric syndrome.

-   Urinology:

-   A) glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis; b) renal colic; c)cystitis, cystalgia; d) prostatitis; e) adenoma of prostate.

-   Skin diseases:

-   A) neurodermatitis; b) nettle-rash; c) skin itch; d) eczema.

-   Stomatology:

-   A) peridontosis, stomatitis; b) amasthetization at stomatological operations; c) toothache.

- Endocrine diseases:

-   A) hypothyroidism, hyperthyrosis; b) pancreatic diabetes; c) alimentary obesity.

Applicators contributre to relieving the abstinence syndrome at alcoholism and tobacco smoking. They also contribute to recovery of vitality, good mood and efficiency.

There are no analogues to Lyapko's applicators in the world, as they have no equals as for their multifunctional use, effectiveness, simplicity and reliability. Applicators allow to reduce the use of medicines or even abandon them.

You can download full manual HERE in PDF or HERE in ZIP archive.

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Camomile Applicator

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Little One Applicator

Little One Applicator

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