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MKS-05 "TERRA-P"- multifunctional radiometer-dosimeter. But notwithstanding small price, MKS-05 "TERRA-P" is fully functional radiation-metric device. It use in army, in special government organizations.

In modern world, especially in industrial countries, in big towns many radioactive substances use in production, in chemical plants, in nuclear power stations. Usually radioactive waste products is bury. But not rarely happen damage in depository, under transportation. Often unfair businessman's save on utilization. Radioactive substances appear in earth, in air, in water. Next it come to food, building materials, drinking water.

The Terra-P dosimeter will make you sure that your building site is radiation safe and the building materials are not contaminated. Quite often radioactive materials contained in soil may also severely harm your and your children's health.

Most of our time is spent at home. Everyday life trifles like kettle boiling, morning sun shining, coffee smelling, doorbell ringing etc. are common for our five senses. But what about gamma and beta radiation? It is not easily detected by our sense organs! There is a way out! Buy an extra "sense" that will keep working "without rest" for 6000 hours

Every person needs a good rest after intensive work. The Terra-P with small dimensions easily fits in the knapsack pocket and will without doubt alarm about the "hot" place to avoid.

The Terra-P dosimeter allows monitoring the contaminated food products you buy, to make you sure about the quality of vegetables and fruit that are being sold on the markets

It may happen sometimes that somebody would want to harm your health. State-of-the-art technologies make it possible for your enemies to embody their schemes by setting articles containing radioactive elements into your everyday life, which slowly but surely affects your health. The Terra-P for everyday use will instantly detect the like sources of danger and alert.

The main control keys are the MODE and THRESHOLD buttons.
Press shortly the MODE button to switch the dosimeter on.
The Terra-P includes four operational modes: measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose rate, measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose !(TERRA-P is unique among pocket dosimeters. Only TERRA-P able to measure this parameter. It very important parameter which show how many of radiation energy absorbed body and how long time man can stay in zone with high radiation), clock, and alarm clock. Press the MODE button to switch the operational modes of the dosimeter.
By default, the dosimeter is switched in the mode of measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose rate, which is indicated by the "Sv/h" symbol.
Use the THRESHOLD button to run the programmed threshold level and change its value. At excessive threshold level the dosimeter will alarm about hazard (by default, the preset threshold value is 0.30 Sv/h, an average permissible radiation level for premises). Zero the previous measurement results by the THRESHOLD button.
To enter the mode of measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose, press shortly the MODE button. Four digits and "mSv" symbol appear on the display.
Note. In case of natural (c 0.1 Sv/h) gamma radiation background, an ED change by one low-order digit occurs on the display in 10 hours, and the "0.001 mSv" result, equal to 1.0 Sv, is shown on the digital indicator.
The clock mode of the dosimeter operation follows and two periods start blinking with one-second interval.
The alarm clock mode of the dosimeter follows and two steady periods appear on the display. Program the alarm clock with the help of the MODE and THRESHOLD buttons. The alarm clock signal symbol is indicated on the display at that.

Package set consist: dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05 "TERRA-P", operating manual, and cardboard box.

Attention! Case now not include in set!


NameUnit of measurementStandardized values according to the TD
1 2 3
Measurement range of photon-ionizing radiation EDRmSv/h0.1 999.9
Main relative permissible error limits of gamma radiation EDR measurement with 0.95 possibility% ( 2 5+2/), - is a numerical value of EDR measurement in mSv/h
Measurement range of gamma radiation ED !!!mSv0.001 99.99
Main relative permissible error limits of gamma radiation ED measurement with 0.95 possibility % 2 5
Energy range of registered gamma radiationMeV 0.05 3.00
Energy response of the dosimeter readings at gamma radiation EDR and ED measurement in the energy range from 0.05 to 1.25 MeV % 25
Beta-particles flux density range with possible evaluation of surface contamination by beta radio nuclidespart./(cm2min)10 - 10.5
Registered beta-particles energies rangeMeV 0.5 - 3.0
Time of continuous operation of the dosimeter from batteries ("Energizer" AAAx2 of 1280 mAh capacity) at natural background radiation, not less than hrs 6000
Dimensions of the dosimeter, not more than mm 55x26x120
Weight of the dosimeter, not more thankg 0.2

Manufacturer provide guarantee (18 months) and after warranty service.

Every unit has unique serial number and the certificate of acceptance and factory guarantee.

Attention! Device is with ukrainian key-top marking (Ukrainian version). But it has not vital importance, because device has only 2 buttons (THRESHOLD -left key, MODE - right key). You can see differences on foto and to bring into accord key-top marking. If you wanna device with English key-top marking, please, see other device in DOSIMETERS directory.

  • Model: TERRA-P
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  • Manufactured by: ECOTEST

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