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If you have bleeding haemorrhoids (otherwise spelt hemorrhoids, or called piles), then the Violet Ray is the ONLY thing thing that will PERMANENTLY stop the bleeding. And it's likely to do that immediately. I went through about 13 years of almost constant haemorrhaging and anaemia which almost killed me. I went for an emergency operation to save my life, because pints of blood went in just one week. They put a number of units of blood in me and in one week it had gone again. The operation was the PPH one. At first it worked, but after a year or two the blood began to come back again, and each time I had an outbreak it was worse again. Before I used the Violet Ray the amount of blood I was losing was approaching what it had been before the operation. After I had used the Violet Ray just once, I knew my life would never be the same again. The blood just stopped, just like that. Immediately. The Violet Ray is utterly painless (unlike the operation, which was supposed to bring about a painless cure but not so because the first few times of going to the lavatory after it were the most painful experiences of my life); in fact the Violet Ray can even be a highly pleasurable experience, and it is certainly a totally healing experience. Once or twice I had bleeding experiences after that but I quickly stopped of the problem again with the Violet Ray. Now it never comes back. Do not allow the Rectal Probe to overheat inside of you. It can become very hot in the rectum and you may fail to notice this because deep inside you are insensitive to heat (or probably any sensation). Even so it is probably all right to have it turned up to the maximum, but as a precaution keep pulling it out a little way to a part of the rectum where you can feel the heat. Use Vaseline on the probe to lubricate it. Also I used to put Chinese Musk ointment on the Rectal probe, as well as Vaseline. The way I always use the Violet Ray is to keep it switched off until the probe is firmly in contact with the body. That way there is no danger that a spark will leap across the gap, which will be especially painful in the rectal area! Then, when you switch it on, start off on a very low intensity setting and gradually increase it as you penetrate deeper and deeper. The effect of the static electricity is to very quickly relax your anus and allow insertion. If it is difficult to switch it on after the probe is touching your anus, use a radio-frequency controlled socket so that you can lie there and switch it on at the press of a button. A remote-controlled socket is also a useful safety device, because should anything go wrong you can quickly turn it off at the press of a button. If you ever earth yourself as a health strategy, make sure you never earth yourself at the same time as using the Violet Ray, because you can get an electric shock that way. I think the slightly more expensive Violet Ray is definitely better, and this is especially important on this part of the body! I bought the cheaper one as well, and have suffered an occasional prick from it. Only a slight prick, a tiny, tiny electric shock, but this has never happened with the more expensive one. When I first used the machine I had not read the instructions properly and used it for a very long time, maybe half an hour. But the machine was not harmed by this long use, nor by the long sessions that I have had since that time. So the time limit is a precaution, but do not be afraid if you go on longer than this.
Date Added: 12/05/2015 by Dominic Bere
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